Excursion: Study Trip Strength Grading (Sweden)

Excursion: Study Trip Strength Grading (Sweden)

Sweden is a land of trees. More than 70% of the landscape is covered with forest. Sweden is one of the largest exporters of timber and timber products in the world. It supplies 10% of the sawn timber, pulp and paper traded on the world market. And that’s a lot! Despite the immense number of trees cut down each year, Sweden’s forest ownership has doubled in less than 100 years due to the adoption of a sustainable forestry model.

During the study trip we take a look at a forestry project and we witness the different processes during the trajectory from tree to plank. The aim of the course is to learn how to visually sort coniferous wood according to Scandinavian sorting rules (the gray booklet). In addition, we will taste a piece of Swedish culture and discover the beauty of the country. As a professional in the wood world, you should not miss this course!

Seven times before, IEB left for Sweden with a group of students

This is what ex-students say about this trip:

  • “This has been an amazing trip. I have learned and seen a lot in a beautiful country.”
  • “In the Netherlands you cannot see the size of any sawmill as you can in Sweden.”
  • “This fantastic trip is highly recommended for everyone in the wood industry!”
  • “The excursions were of added value, I found it very impressive to see the sawmills and forestry projects.”
  • “In addition to gaining new knowledge, such a trip is also good for mutual contacts with colleagues.”

You should not miss this special study trip to Sweden if you are dealing with spruce and if you want to refresh your knowledge about its quality grading. During the trip you will learn everything about visually grading wood according to the Scandinavian sorting rules.

The course location is at Eksjö Industri AB, a medium-sized sawmill located in Eksjö. Eksjö Industri AB has various production facilities such as mechanical strength sorting, finger jointing and wood preservation.

An exam will be taken on the last day.

The language of instruction for the training is English. In addition to the intensive training, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape and culture of Sweden. The ultimate “Sweden feeling” is enhanced by staying in a hotel built in typical Swedish style and the beautiful views.

You get:

  • An inspiring and educational week with colleagues / colleagues
  • Theoretical knowledge that anyone can apply directly in his/her work
  • Opportunity to Network

Practical information:

  • Level course: MBO
  • Starting level course: MBO (obtained through education or work experience)
  • Length/duration: 5 working days
  • Objective: to refresh or collect general basic knowledge of spruce, to refresh or to collect basic knowledge of quality sorting, to gain more experience with wood (products) by witnessing the process from tree to plank
  • Study load: 5 working days
  • Qualifications testing: the student will receive a certificate upon completion (visual sorting upon positive completion of the exam)
  • Target group: this study trip is suitable for anyone who wants to increase or refresh his/her knowledge about sorting wood according to Scandinavian sorting rules (Grey Booklet).
  • Price: € 1975,- (excl. VAT), based on Double room (incl. training, flight and accommodation), excluding: drinks, costs for any excursions on site, surcharge single room
  • Location: Eksjö Industri AB/ Eksjö – Sweden. The flight is from Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam)
  • Date course: September 2022
  • Minimum number of participants: 6

Excursion: Study Trip Strength Grading (Sweden)

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