Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint

The Carbon Footprint is a measuring instrument to measure the impact of our activities on the environment and especially climate change! It is related to the emission of all greenhouse gases that we cause by, for example: production, transport, heating and of course making energy with fossil fuels.

The Carbon Footprint is a measurement of all greenhouse gases, this is translated into a CO2 equivalent, and is given as a value ton, kg and for example grams. A Carbon Footprint consists of the sum of two parts, the primary and secondary footprint:

  1. The primary Footprint consists of direct emissions from the combustion of fossil fuels. As an example: the car, road transport, fuel consumption of aircraft, the gas that is used to heat your home. So we have a direct influence on this!
  2. The secondary Footprint consists of indirect CO2 emissions of the entire life cycle of products that we use (from raw material, production, recycling/waste processing otherwise known as the product chain).

The Carbon Footprint is a very good tool to understand what the impact of a certain behavior contributes to climate change. This applies to individual employees, as companies that produce a product. Most people and companies are shocked when they see how much CO2 their activities create.

If a company wants to contribute to combating climate change, it is essential that you constantly monitor and reduce your Carbon Footprint. This gives you, as an organization, insight into where most of the CO2 emissions are. Based on this, you can start very specifically with reducing emissions. In most cases this will also lead to savings.

In order to set reduction targets, it is necessary to have insight into the emissions of your company (in accordance with ISO 14064-1). The Carbon Footprint is an effective tool to measure emissions.

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