CE-Marking of Wood

CE-Marking of Wood

Do you sell wood that is used in a construction? Or are you a trader or producer of floors or wall and facade cladding? Then you are REQUIRED to CE mark the product and draw up a Declaration of Performance (DoP).

When a product has a CE mark, it indicates that the product complies with the applicable regulations within the European Economic Area (EEA: the European Union plus Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland).

What is CE Marking?

CE stands for Conformité Européenne, which means ‘in accordance with European regulations’. The legal requirements for CE marking can be found in the regulation (EU) No. 305/2011 concerning construction products.

Which NEN standards apply to CE marking?

CE marking is based on the following NEN standards:

  • NEN-EN 14081 - Strength graded timber with rectangular cross section (Constructive timber)
  • NEN-EN 14080 - Glued laminated wood and glued solid wood
  • NEN-EN 15497 - Finger-jointed sawn timber for constructive applications
  • NEN-EN 14915 - Wall and facade cladding made of solid wood
  • NEN-EN 14342 - Wooden floors and parquet

The harmonized standard for CE Marking according to CPR 305/2011 uses the standards as published by the European Commission, although some standards have been replaced by a newer version.

What is the purpose of CE marking?

The purpose of the CE marking consists of two parts. On the one hand, the aim is to promote free trade within the Member States while, on the other hand, the safety in the use of the products is increased.

What obligations apply with regard to CE marking?

By affixing the CE marking, the manufacturer/importer indicates that the product complies with all applicable European regulations and that the conformity or compliance procedures have been completed. In addition, in most cases he must have drawn up a Declaration of Performance for the product concerned.

In this Declaration of Performance, the manufacturer or importer is obliged to indicate that the product complies with all applicable European directives. In addition, the producer or importer is obliged to accept liability for his product.

Is incorrect CE marking punishable?

Incorrectly affixing the CE marking and/or drawing up and signing the Declaration of Performance (also referred to as: EC declaration of conformity) is an economic offense and falls under the Economic Offenses Act in the Netherlands. This is supervised by, for example, the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority.

We are happy to help you set up, implement and monitor a CE certification system. In addition, we can support you in the annual updating of the associated manuals (FPC), the preparation of declarations of performance and the implementation of any adjustments and changes to the applicable standards.

How does CE certification work?

For the CE certification, we will set up an internal quality system together with you. Of course you must implement, maintain and comply with this (under the guidance of IEB).

In a handbook we will describe, among other things, how and by whom the wood is sorted and assessed. We also determine how the wood is marked and stored. All facets of your product and processes must be properly coordinated. For example, the responsibilities of suppliers, contractors and employees must be properly coordinated.

For the CE certification it is mandatory to have well trained personnel. IEB offers the course Visual sorting of wood. So kill two birds with one stone and contact us directly for a combination package of CE certification and a corresponding course.

What is the CE quality system?em?

IEB is responsible for setting up, implementing and monitoring the CE quality system. This quality system covers the following activities: purchasing, sorting, processing, storage, sale and supply of sawn timber for construction applications.

What are the steps for setting up the CE Quality System?

We prepare a manual for setting up the quality system. The general steps for setting up the system are:

  • Execution of zero measurement
  • Setup manual FPC
  • Drafting documents
  • Guidance on the setup and implementation of FPC on location
  • Completion of FPC/documents following the implementation and consultation

CE-Marking of Wood

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