EUTR Guidance

EUTR Guidance

Are you considered an Operator under the EUTR? This is the case when you put wood, wood fiber or products thereof on the European market for the first time.

This can not only be the case if you are an importer and import wood from Brazil or Malaysia, for example, but also when you import writing materials from China, or if you are a local felling company that buys the logs and sells the round wood.

In case you are an Operator, you must meet a number of requirements according to the EUTR. You must have, operate and maintain a System of Due Diligence (DDS) for all imports to which the EUTR applies.

This means, among other things, that you must collect information about the origin for all imports, assess the risks and mitigate risks where necessary. Each risk assessment is tailor-made: among other things, corruption, sanctions, the wood species, the product, the companies involved and the complexity of the supply chain must be taken into account.

IEB helps companies to set up and maintain Due Diligence System. We use, among other things, approved systems and the latest developments in the field of EUTR and enforcement.

In close cooperation with you, we carry out risk assessment and, if necessary, risk-mitigating measures. If you have any questions about EUTR guidance by IEB, or if you would like to have EUTR guidance performed by IEB, please contact IEB.

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EUTR Guidance

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