Grading of Wood

Grading of Wood

Wooden products are the future because of their environmental friendliness, the good conditions for processing as a raw material and because of the beautiful end product. Therefor, wood is suitable for reuse.

Especially in Scandinavia and Great Britain, coniferous wood is used both mechanically and visually according to strength. What turned out? Machine-sorted wood was much more reliable! The development of mechanical strength grading has ultimately led to a shift in the method of testing.

Within NEN-EN 14081-1 you can choose to sort wood mechanically or visually. You can of course also opt for both methods, but you must also have both disciplines in-house and demonstrate that you master both. Ingenieursbureau Evan Buytendijk BV will happily advise you on this.

Sorting machines

Due to the shifts in the tests, traditional bending machines have largely been replaced by machines that determine strength based on, among other things, vibration or a combination of techniques, such as X-ray.

The most common machines at the moment are: Computermatic, Dynagrade, Goldeneye, Viscan, Finscan (BoardMaster) and recently the Timber Grader MTG (Brookhuis).

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