Wood Inspections

Wood Inspections

As an expert in the field of wood, we are happy to be your independent partner in inspections, differences of opinion and conflicts.

What do you have to do?

If you have any doubts or a complaint from your customer about the delivered/applied quality of wood, we advise you to contact us. At that moment we can immediately make a brief analysis of the situation and a possible solution.

If you would like an inspection, we recommend that you discuss this with the other party, so that no discussion arises afterwards. If the counterparty does not want an inspection held by us, the counterparty can also have this done by another independent agency.

What are we doing?

An inspection usually consists of (a combination of) the following activities: a visual assessment (if applicable on the basis of the requirements set in accordance with NEN standards), moisture measurements, determination of dimensions, assessment of the defects, identification of the problem, if needed a laboratory examination.

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