EUTR Supplier Audit

EUTR Supplier Audit

An Operator under EUTR should mitigate the risks of illegal logging and trading through a Due Diligence System in order to a negligible level before placing the product on the market. Depending on the type and nature of the risks, various risk-mitigating measures are possible.

A supplier audit is a risk-mitigating measure that is taken when risks cannot be reduced to a negligible level in any other way. In a supplier audit, the supply chain is physically checked for compliance with all regulations. On the basis of a predetermined audit schedule, checks are carried out at, for example, the sawmill and the forest in the country of origin.

IEB regularly conducts supplier audits almost all over the world. In doing so, IEB combines years of audit experience with extensive knowledge of the EUTR. By having a supplier audit performed by IEB as an independent, specialized party, you can be sure that the audit is conducted in a responsible manner and that all aspects of the EUTR are checked.

The audit report serves as proof of the risk-mitigating measure taken. If you have any questions about the EUTR Supplier Audit or if you would like to have an EUTR Supplier Audit performed, please contact IEB.

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EUTR Supplier Audit

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