About us


“The only way to do great work, is to love what you do”. (Steve Jobs)

The mission of Ingenieursbureau Evan Buytendijk

We stand for responsible and sustainable wood. We want to enjoy forest, a healthy earth and beautiful wood products now and in the future. Our contribution to a sustainable timber industry consists of assistance with certifications and knowledge transfer by means of advice and courses. We are an independent agency with a unique combination of knowledge and expertise in the field of wood. In our work we attach great importance to personal contact, open cooperation and quality.

The method of Ingenieursbureau Evan Buytendijk

We are happy to discuss your wishes and questions in a non-binding, personal conversation. We will then draw up a Plan of Approach in which we describe how we can give you tailor-made advice or guidance. If you agree with our proposal, we are happy to be your advisor, but even more so we are happy to be your partner. We value transparent communication. Together we work on sustainable solutions!

Our team

The colleagues of Ingenieursbureau Evan Buytendijk would like to introduce themselves here.

Evan Buytendijk

Evan Buytendijk


+31 6 - 411 172 11


Evan Buytendijk is the owner of the eponymous engineering firm. As a passionate lover of forest and wood products, he has been active in the forestry and timber industry for years and has experienced all aspects of the profession.

With all the activities within IEB, Evan wants to contribute to a future-proof wood chain and a sustainable world.

“In the future we should still be able to enjoy beautiful forests and wood products”.

His previous education, the Higher Forestry School and his years of work experience from forest, to timber trade, to wood applications, make Evan an authority within the wood industry.

Darja Buytendijk

Darja Buytendijk


+31 55 - 301 47 54


Darja is Evan's wife and his right-hand man within the company. Darja is a jack of all trades and arranges everything from the (personnel) administration, to contracts, accounting and invoicing.

She is also responsible for the general course of business at the office, purchasing and stock management. She also organizes courses and excursions.

Rogé van Maasakker

Rogé van Maasakker


+31 6 - 48 14 04 14


Rogé is an experienced advisor and specializes in working customer-oriented. In previous positions he gained experience with implementing various change processes within both the facility field of work such as healthcare.

He also has a lot of experience in auditing various work processes. He is also familiar with drafting the required manuals. Within IEB, he uses all his experience to expand the service catalog and provide customers with the best possible service.

Arnout Janssen

Arnout Janssen


+31 6 - 24 13 56 75


Arnout is a versatile advisor. After completing his International Wood Trade study, Arnout has gained extensive experience in various positions, from technical to commercial, within various companies in the wood world.

He also has extensive international experience, including from Scandinavia and Russia. “Wood is simply a fantastic product, which we have to handle responsibly”, says Arnout.

Linda van Os

Linda van Os

Administrative Assistant

+31 6 - 41 62 36 97


Linda is an administrative assistant and her basis is in the general support for office work.

Furthermore, she is jointly responsible for monitoring the processes and manages the website and social media in the role of Digital Marketing Specialist.

Eduard de Boer

Eduard de Boer


+31 6 - 825 68 543


Eduard started at IEB in 2020. Before joining IEB, he worked in IT. After successfully completing the ISO 19011 training, he started to focus on conducting FSC and PEFC audits among IEB group members.

In addition, he now guides and helps companies at home and abroad with the EUTR.